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December 7, 2013
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Dark Brotherhood Tackle Hug by SlayerSyrena Dark Brotherhood Tackle Hug by SlayerSyrena
This is gift art for my amazing friends, :iconheiwako: and :iconblackwingedheaven: who sent me the most incredible Christmas present!!! (Yes, I couldn't wait to open it!) It is a brand new scanner, which I absolutely love. :iconpapcryplz: It's a slick black design, compact and most importantly, it scans very quickly and with much higher quality than my 7 year old, clunky scanner that it replaced!

Anyways, this drawing is of Cicero tackle hugging Heiwako's character, Hecate and Jeremy's Aventus (who is just a tad older than in the game in this pic). Please check out their Skyrim fanfiction! It's among some the best I've come across on DA:

The Straw That BrokeReyda loved her brother, but there were days she just wanted to strangle him.
Taking care of Narfi was always a struggle. No one ever told you what it was like taking care of a man-child day in and day out. Most days he could do most of the necessary functions of care for himself like dressing and bathing on his own. In fact, they frequently had good days where they would sing together or take walks by the river. Most of the time, Reyda loved her older brother and was happy that she could be there to take care of him.
Then there were days like today.
She had decided to give the house a huge cleaning. Narfi was never any help for this sort of project, so she had sent him outside to entertain himself while she worked. It had been exhausting hauling the various pieces of furniture around so she could scrub and dust. It had taken buckets upon buckets of water to get the place exactly how she wanted. By the end of the day, her hands were swollen and her back throbbed, but she prided herself
   Innocence Lost, Chapter 1Innocence Lost
Chapter 1: Innocence Lost
When I was a child, an assassin saved my soul.
My name is Aventus Aretino, and I can't tell you exactly how old I was when I first met my savior. I could have been as young as eight or nine, as old as eleven or twelve. I had never celebrated my birthday, and my mother never told me how old I was. I suspect that I was at the middle of that range; I've always been big for my age, especially for an Imperial. Because of that, I sometimes suspected that my father might have been a Nord, despite my mother's assertions that he was an Imperial soldier who died in the war when I was very small. I never knew him, so I can't say one way or the other.
So let me say for the sake of the tale that I was ten years old when my mother died. Let me start my story with the end of my mother's life. It was almost a year between that sorrow and meeting my savior, but if I don't begin there, nothing else makes sense.
For the span of my childhood, however

You guys are amazing friends!!! :iconblushplz: Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you too! :hug: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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ToonLink93 Dec 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Cicero is a sweet-sweet and lovely jester! <3
ReplicatorFifth Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ooo congrats! new scanners for starving artists plz :P awww Cicero is so awesome. Aww Aventus is so grown up <3 
Best Buddy of a Dovahkiin's Family ever :XD:
Harseik Dec 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wooooow, congratul-freaking-ations on such a stellar Christmas present!! Don't you just love this season of giving and yuletide carols? *3* Did you use your new baby for this piece? :3
Yaay, I immediately recognized your style in my inbox! It's always awesome to wake up to a Syrena update. :boogie:
I really love the composition, and the motion capture, and the expressions - especially Hecate. :icondawwwwplz:
I think in this piece you can definitely feel the joyful emotions that overwhelmed you when you received the gift from Hei and Jeremy. :dance:
WOW! Amazing gifts from both sides!
With Hecate sandwiched like that, I'm guessing her thoughts are something like "Urk! Can't ... breathe!"
lenacast Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG this is precious!!!!!!! I love Hei and Blackwingedheaven <3
Lenoa-of-Elacas Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seems the reward for tackle hugging someone in the dark brotherhood would be a knife between your ribs xD
Moonsp1r1t Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god, that's so cute! I love their expressions! :iconhuggleplz:
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